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WE3 Washer Extractor Controller with 7 Inch Touch Screen Interface

October 19, 2019 9

7 INCH Industrial Grade HMI & PLC I Fits any Capacity Washer Extractor or Washing Machine 250 Customizable Programs. AUTO / MANUAL MODE Operation. Built in Digital Water Level Controller, Temperature Controller. Variable Frequency Drive 0 to 10 Volt Digital to Analog Converter. 7 Inch HMI with Touch Screen Interface. No Panel Required for Electrical control […]

DT7 Drying Tumbler Controller with Humidity Sensing

October 1, 2017 0

DT7 Controller is equipped with most precise Humidity sensor by Honeywell U.S.A, Its major benefit is huge energy savings in terms of electricity expenses as when we constantly monitor the humidity in the fabrics of different type which makes it possible to end the drying process Automatically the moment its reaches the set Humidity level […]

MW4 Manual Washer and Drying Tumbler Controller

September 30, 2017 0

      MW4 is a basic Washing machine/ Drying Tumbler Controller with built in Reversing timer for Forward and Reverse control of motor, It has built in temperature controller and a digital timer, Feather touch Backlight Buttons tell the running process status at all times. Seven Segment display shows current status of machine from […]

WE2 Washer Extractor Controller Fully Automatic and Full Manual Control

September 30, 2017 0

WE2 is a washer extractor controller with 30 Programs for Auto operation and it has dedicated keys for complete manual control of the machine. The feather touch backlit buttons indicate the running processes. Large Graphic LCD Screen provides detailed information of all parameters like Water Level, Temperature, Speed, etc. Very easy user menu system allows […]


November 23, 2014 0

State of the art Washer Extractor Controller for Industrial Washer Extractors with features like Digital Temperature Controller, Reversing Timer, Digital Water Level Control in Centimeters, Large LCD Screen, Variable Frequency Drive Interface, No Programming Skills required to operate, Manual Operation Mode, Built-in Automatic Programs, User Adjustable Time, Level and Temperature Settings and many more features […]

Boiler Controller

November 5, 2014 0

MODEL BL1 Boiler Controller PLC is a state of art controller which controls all the required processes of a Boiler. There is a three point water level controller with automatic PUMP control for maintaining water level automatically. Colour changing buttons and indicators are provided for easy displaying of status of Water Level, PUMP, HEATER, STEAM, HOOTER, Etc. User can […]