WE2 is a washer extractor controller with 30 Programs for Auto operation and it has dedicated keys for complete manual control of the machine. The feather touch backlit buttons indicate the running processes. Large Graphic LCD Screen provides detailed information of all parameters like Water Level, Temperature, Speed, etc. Very easy user menu system allows users to make custom programs very quickly. Even a non technical person can make programs in no time. It has a feature of backing up of all programs to and from external memory card. It has Digital Level controller, Digital Temperature Controller and Digital speed controller. It also has Inching and Tilt Feature for washer extractor with Tilting capabilities. The controller is equipped with 23 Built in relays of 5 Amps each for output control. High resolution built in Digital to analogue convertor makes it capable of programming user defined speeds. Led indicators at the back side tell the status of all active inputs.